Twisted Pretzel Trophies

A twisted set of awards for a Twisted Bike Tour. Our trophies are unique hand fired pretzel mugs made locally. They are glazed with food safe glaze so they can be used as drink mugs.

Awards at 1:00pm at the Biergarten!


The Twisted Middle Trophies (3)

No Trophy for finishing First, however finish in the exact middle of your ride and you’ll win a “TWISTED MIDDLE TROPHY”!

 Came the Furthest Trophy

Traveling a long distance to get here has to be worth something!

 Twisted Tandem Trophy

Ride the Twisted Pretzel on a tandem and you’re eligible because we think tandems are just so darn Twisted.

 Oldest Participant Trophy

Riding a bike in a Twisted tour at a senior age takes GUTS!

The Twisted Dip Trophy

If you voted for the winning dip you might just win this dippy trophy.

The “For no particular reason, just because you are here” Trophy

Kind of speaks for itself don’t ya think.